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Up your game with the Epic Yul Exchange!

by CABAL 06/19/2019

Greetings, CABAL Online fans,

In the world of Nevareth, gear is king.

Only those equipped with the best weapons and armor can brave the deepest dungeons across the realm and escape unscathed. Yul is back once again to help you upgrade your gear to the highest order.

Palladium and SIGmetal owners rejoice, the chance to upgrade your gear has finally arrived! The race to glory starts June 19th!

[Event Period]
June 19th - July 23th

How to Participate
Purchase Upgrade Tokens (Highest) or Upgrade Tokens (High) from Yul and upgrade them to +15 for gear or Upgrade Tokens (Chaos) up to +14 for accessories. Visit Yul’s Shop and exchange tokens for the gear or accessory you want!

[SIGMetal Exchange]

[Palladium Exchange]

[Accessories Exchange]

- Safeguards can be used on Upgrade Token (High / Highest) to prevent failure resulting in loss of -1 or -2, but will NOT prevent failure resulting in the destruction of the Token
- Weapons and Armor are Character-Binding once equipped
- Accessories are Character-Binding
- Tokens have a 7-Day duration period and are tradable
- Upgrade Token (Chaos) +15 and above cannot be destroyed nor downgrade below +15

The CABAL Team