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by CABAL 12/05/2018

Greetings Nevarethians,

One of the biggest and most rewarding events is back, yes, you read it right... BINGO is back!

The boards got a makeover and this BINGO promises an extensive amount of rewards, as you can get prizes for each bingo slot and board completed. Brace yourself for weeks full of fun and amazing prizes!

And more, BINGO BOXES are back! These exclusive boxes are making a comeback for this Bingo event, and they are full of awesome items such as Armor Option Scrolls and Extreme Seals. Plus, qualify for sweepstakes by opening Bingo Boxes!

Bingo event period is from 06/12 - 15/01

Board 1

Board 2

Bingo Schedule:

- Your board progress will reset at the scheduled end date time.
- Receive prizes from current Bingo Board before schedule change happens.
- You can use 100 Force Gems to change your Bingo Board before the scheduled change.
- The maximum change count is 100 times
- You can refresh your bingo board by using 100 Force Gems
- The maximum refresh count is 100 times
- You can complete a bingo task by using 300 Force Gems
- It is possible to preview the next Bingo Board, however tasks can only be completed on one bingo board at a time.
- After completing your first Bingo Board, you can refresh the same board or move to the next one by using 100 Force Gems.
- All prizes are Account Binding.
- All Epaulets, Rings, Blessing Beads all have item durations.

Bingo Box:
The Bingo Box is back! Once you complete a whole Bingo board you will receive a Bingo Box, open it for a chance to win one of the following:

*Bingo Boxes and their contents are Character-Binding

Bingo Box Sweepstakes!

Board 1 Sweepstakes
Requirement: Open Bingo Box (Lv. 1) 20 times
Prize: Extreme Upgrade Seal Stone (Master) Lv. 3 of choice

Board 2 Sweepstakes
Requirement: Open Bingo Box (Lv. 2) 20 times
Prize: Extreme Upgrade Seal Stone (Master) Lv. 5 of choice

- Winners will be announced on Twitch
- Winners will be contacted through in-game mail and registered email
- Receiving event items from Yul is character-based
- 2 Winners will be selected per board per server, a total of 4 winners per server no later than January 28th (subject to change)

- The CABAL Team