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CABLOG: CABAL Cup Concludes!

by CABAL 07/20/2018

Greetings Nevarethians!

Nevareth will not be the same, yes, we can’t believe it either but this is truly the end of the illustrious CABAL Cup! However, all that hard work, those countless hours spent in dungeons, and all those monsters assassinated will be worth it!

There is still time to get your objectives done and get into the sweepstakes! Just a friendly reminder that the ultimate prize is an Extreme Upgrade Seal Stone (Master) Lv. 5 of your choice!

Okay, okay, we get it, we will keep this short so you can go back and focus on the event! We just needed to remind you that your favorite mercenaries will be available in the item shop for a lower price and this change is here to stay! Your dream of fighting alongside Arionell or Yuan are now closer to come true! Visit our item shop for more details.

Last, but certainly not least, don’t forget to follow our Twitch and hang out with your favorite GMs! GM Agnes, GM Haliax, GM Luna and GM Moon love to take over our Twitch to provide you with the latest news of events!

Okay, you can go back to your objectives now. We believe in you! We will see you in our sweepstakes, heroes!

- The CABAL Team