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CABLOG: Nevareth is safe with you, Champion!

by CABAL 07/06/2018

Greetings Nevarethians!

Were you able to enter the ARENA? We’ve seen some great action going on in there! True warriors have succeeded and claimed their winning title while others have surrendered to defeat. However, passion, commitment, and strength have been ruling the ARENA, and anyone who dares to enter is worthy of recognition! For those of you braving the ARENA, good job hero, you have become a true Nevarethian warrior.


Oh little Troglo… please accept my friendship.

While we let the excitement and challenges rise, we would also like to remind you that our Imperial Dress box is on sale until July 9th. We have seen a lot of heroes wearing them all over Nevareth and we want you to have your chance, too! The imperial dress promises to make you look your best no matter what battle you are facing! Whether you dare to challenge and defeat the infamous Minisha or if you’re just trying to befriend the cute little troglos, the Imperial Dress will help you succeed.

Thank you for all your support and loyalty, we know Nevareth is truly safe in your hands.

- The CABAL Team