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We are back and better than ever!

by CABAL 05/25/2018

Greetings Nevarethians,

Forests have been clearing up and Arcanas have been predominant around Nevareth, all thanks to you! The forests could not have been saved without the courage and effort you all dedicated to Protect our Forests but hurry! Turtles and GM Frankys will disappear for good
in May 30th !

Let’s battle Nevareth with style!

As a worthy hero, you deserve the best gear available and our Item Shop Revamp promises the BEST items for your adventurous journey; With this revamp our Astral Boards will change their location in the item shop and their price will be reduced as well, permanently. Grab your favorite board and battle with style!

Lastly we would like to inform you that our GMs are back on Twitch ! GM Moon, GM Luna and our newest GMs, GM Haliax and GM Agnes will be streaming on a regular basis so make sure to follow our Twitch channel and not miss any of the fun that the GMs have for you! Streams will be scheduled for all servers and you are more than welcome to come hang out with your favorite GMs during streams.

Best regards,
- The CABAL Team