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Guild Video Contest

by CABAL 04/18/2018

Do you think your guild has what it takes? Then now is the perfect opportunity for you to show everybody your true powers! Who is the “tank”, the “sidekick”, the “dancer” or the “clown” of your guild? We want to see your “league of justice” band together to fight the villains of Nevareth!

Create your comic book video, movie or trailer based on Superheroes and you can win BIG!

Join the battle to win an emblem by creating your own super-heroic movie or trailer! Gather your guild members and show the world what makes your guild special. We want to see all of your special powers, from your guild members, even if is just the power of laughter!

- Tell us about your guild members and what they are known for
- Show us the best characters of your guild (the hero, the clown, the one that is always online, the fastest, the strongest, etc!)

Submission Period
April 18 - May 20

GMs Voting Period
May 21 - May 24

Players Voting Period (4 most voted) New!
May 25 - May 28

Winner Announcements
May 29

How to Participate
Step 1: Organize and record CABAL footage with your guild members
Step 2: Edit and make the footage look awesome (keep it under 5 minutes)
Step 3: Have your guild master submit the video via email

Uploading your video to YouTube
Video MUST be recorded and uploaded in HD, and named: CABAL EU Guild Trailer 2018: Guild Name

Submitting your Guild Video
Your video must be uploaded to YouTube in HD (and be a maximum of 5 minutes long).

The guild master must send the submission to cabalevents@estsoftinc.com using the registered email on his/her account. Please include the following:

Email Subject:[EU][Mercury] Guild Event ‘Guild Name’

Guild name:
Guild master character name:
Link to YouTube video:

Guilds (Currently Have Emblems)
2 guilds will be selected as winners per server

Guilds (Currently Without Emblems)
2 guilds will be selected as winners per server

Winner Rewards (For Entire Guild)
-Title: Legion of Nevareth (180 Days)
-[Costume] Space Suit (180 Days)
-Personalized guild emblem or update existing emblem

Main Video Contributors Prize for Winning Guilds (3 max contributors)
Honor Medal Reset Scroll (Option Selective) x3
Pet Untrain Kit - Option x3
Perfect Core (Highest) x3
Extreme Core (Lv. 12) x3

*All character-binding and permanent

Participation Rewards
Blessing Bead Plus - 3 Day (for all members of guild)

Guild Emblem Collection
Instructions will be available when winners are announced, including what information to send for your three main contributors.

Emblem Application
June 20 (subject to change)

Good Luck!
The CABAL Team