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KA-17 Box is Here!

by CABAL 12/04/2017

Get your KA-17 Box for a chance to receive one of the newest weapon skins!

KA-17 Box

Price: 3,550 eCoins
Price x5: 17,750 eCoins

Open to receive 1 of the following:
[Costume] KA-17 - Orb
[Costume] KA-17 - Katana
[Costume] KA-17 - Blade
[Costume] KA-17 - Crystal
[Costume] KA-17 - Daikatana
[Costume] KA-17 - Greatsword
[Costume] KA-17 - Chakram
Legendary Cube - Abandoned City
Legendary Cube - Forgotten Temple B2F (Awakened)
Happy Birthday Ring (3 Day)
Perfect Core (Highest)
Enchant Safeguard (Highest)
Superior Core (Highest)
Enhanced Core (Highest)
Perfect Core (High)
Enchant Safeguard (High)
Superior Core (High)
Enhanced Core (High)
Potion of Enhancement (5000)
Potion of Luck (100m)
Potion of Luck (50m)
Chaos Box - Upgrade III
Divine Seal Stone:Highest One-Handed Weapon 5/15
Divine Seal Stone:Highest Two-Handed Weapon 5/15
Divine Seal Stone:High One-Handed Weapon (5/15)
Divine Seal Stone:High Two-Handed Weapon (5/15)
Weapon Option Scroll (Highest)-Critical Rate
Weapon Option Scroll (High)-Critical Rate

- Item expires January 2nd
- Expired boxes will not be refunded
- The promotion may end at any time during the day December 12th
- Item can be found in Item Shop > Hot & New > Special Promotions

The CABAL Team