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CABLOG: Joyous Times Await!

by CABAL 12/01/2017

Greetings Champions!

This holiday season is filled with cheer and surprises for every Nevarethian! Whether you are a new hero, seasoned warrior or simply a curious adventurer, you can jump right into the fun and participate in a variety of events tailored just for you!

December is officially here and our +350 Thanksgiving Bonus brings good fortune for all until Dec. 3! So make sure to sharpen your weapons and watch those EXP bars gain new life! The possibilities are endless as this boost prepares you for the next wave of delightful events and challenges this month!

While you enjoy the holiday jingles everywhere, prepare for the highly anticipated CABALIDAYS! This event promises to spread cheer, gifts and a lot more. The details will be announced soon, so don’t forget to check our news for a complete list of treats and tasks to take on!

Filled with merriment, the holiday spirit doesn’t stop there and decisively brings you more adventures in the form of community events! Our Game Masters are busy preparing a series of surprises! Keep an eye out for them and you might just find a present with your name on it!

Psst, we’re working on a new GM Podcast series wink! Let us know what topics you’d like us to cover!

The CABAL Team