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CABLOG: Heroes Beware!..It’s time for a scare!

by CABAL 10/06/2017

Greetings Nevarethians,

October is a spooktacular month to visit Nevareth and be part of adventures that are just around the corner! In a time full of fright, our seasonal event will keep you occupied and your bags full of treats! So while you get a taste for what’s coming, don’t forget to clear your inventory because the extra space will be needed.

In this year’s CABALLOWEEN, heroes will explore dungeons and other haunted areas in search of valuable stones. Heroes of all levels will have a chance to collect said stones and exchange them for much-needed TREATS! Each treat has the chance to drop something...divine. You’ll have to wait for the full details to learn more wink wink.

While you get used with seeing Jack O’Lanterns roaming about, and the creepy mood settles in, don’t forget that this season brings in a brand new costume. The Archfiend Armor is our latest addition and you can expect more surprises in our upcoming Halloween Shop! The opportunities for creepy customizations are endless and all yours.


Something wicked comes this way..

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It can only mean one thing: Halloween is here!

Have a great weekend,
The CABAL Team