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The Force Gunner Experience!

by CABAL 06/07/2017

Force Gunner Level Up

The Force Gunner is now officially in your hands, and there is a long journey ahead of you. We want to make sure that journey is as satisfying as our brand new class, so we are here to help!

Reach levels within the assigned tiers to gain powerful rewards in our Force Gunner Level Up event!

[Event Period]
June 8th - July 18th

- Log in to view slot and stat details
- Max complete count is 9 (total set of rewards you can obtain)
- All items are character binding
- You must collect rewards from Yul at specific target level
- Once you surpass a target level, rewards will no longer be available
- Reward Count refers to total rewards from available reward list. (ie.Target Level reward count is 2, you must select two rewards from the available list)
- Level objectives and rewards are ONLY for Force Gunner characters

Race to Level 200
Who will be the first champion to level their Force Gunner to 200?  In a land of firsts, only the strongest will have that claim!

Three winners from each server will be able to claim this prestigious award, and winners will be announced to the world!

The top 3 players who reach level 200 on their Force Gunners will receive the following:
- 180 Day Custom Title: Ultimate Gunner
- Astral Bike Card - PW5
- +1 Extreme Upgrade to one equipped item

- Only three players per server will be selected to win
- Each account will be thoroughly checked before being announced as a winner
- Extreme Upgrade will only be given to an item used by the winning character
- PW5 is permanent and non-binding
- Once the event ends, we will announce the date of custom title application

Return of the Epic Yul Exchange
Yul has noticed all the newly created Force Gunners running around missing decent armor. She knows how hard it is for a new class, and wants to help out the best way she can: with equipment!

[Event Period]
June 8th - July 18th

How to Participate
- Purchase Upgrade Tokens (High) from Yul in Green Despair
- Upgrade the Tokens to +8 and exchange for Titanium/Pherystin gear
- Upgrade the Tokens to +11 and exchange for Osmium/Lapis gear
- Upgrade the Tokens to +15 and exchange for SIGmetal gear

- All items are character-binding when equipped
- Upgrade Tokens are not bound
-Upgrade Token can result in +1, -1, -2, or destruction
- Enchant Safeguard can be used on Upgrade Tokens to prevent failure resulting in loss of a -1 or -2, but it will NOT prevent failure resulting in a destruction of the token
- Perfect Cores, and Slot Extenders cannot be used to on Upgrade Tokens

200% Leveling Boost
The climb to Level 200 is as satisfying as it is a test of character, but that doesn’t mean you can’t receive a little help!

[Event Period]
June 8th - June 20th

[Bonus Details]
EXP +200%
Skill EXP +200%
AXP +200%

Good luck, champions!
The CABAL Team