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Level Up and Race to 200!

by CABAL 04/17/2015

Level Up
Limits have been pushed to an all new high! Ascend to level 200 to reach a level of power never before possible! Level up and receive rewards that will assist you on your journey to the top.

[Event Period]
April 23rd - May 21st 2015
*Event begins after maintenance*
*Event ends at the start of maintenance*

[How to Participate]
Step 1: 
- Visit Event Girl Yul to find your level goal by your level range
- The level goal will be listed under Target Level and for all levels below 200
- It will be a number of how many levels you must obtain to complete the goal

Step 2:
- Go achieve the level goal!

Step 3:
- Once you have achieved your goal, retrieve your rewards from Event Girl Yul
- You can collect rewards up to a total of 15 times
- Make sure to obtain your reward after achieving the goal
- If you are attempting to repeat a goal, you must receive the first set of rewards before repeating.

[Detailed Reward List]

– All items are account binding.
– For all rewards with both Fighter and Sage, you must select just one of them in order to obtain all of the other items.
-- Relog if you have difficulties retrieving your reward.

Race to 200!
On your mark.
Get set.

First one to reach level 200 will be crowned as the fastest, baddest, leveling machine on their server!

[Event Period]
Event ends once the first player reaches level 200.

One winner from each server will receive:
Astral Bike Card - PW5
Max Extreme / Epic Boost for 1 Item
Title: 1st Hero of Nevareth (180 Days)

We will keep track of everyone's progress and announce the winner when it happens for each server. We will contact the winner for reward details.

• A thorough investigation for any illegal activity on winning characters will be done before announced as winner.

May the best champion reach level 200 first!

Good luck, Nevarethians. It’s time to push the limits and transcend your hero to new depths of CABAL Online!

CABAL Support Staff