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CABALLOWEEN Costume Contest

by CABAL 10/23/2014

Greetings CABALians,

We want to give you prizes for your crafty Halloween costumes! Dress up like one of the many personalities in CABAL Online for a chance to win big! Whether you are channeling your own character, NPCs, pets, or in-game monsters, we want to see them and give you prizes! It’s time to get creative! You will be competing with all the servers serviced by ESTgames!

[Event Period]

October 24th – November 3rd
*Event ends at 23:59 hrs (Pacific Time Zone)

[Categories & Prizes]
Winners picked from all servers combined:
       No. of Winners         Categories                      Prizes
3/any ESTgames Server       Scary                   Party Play Bundle
3/any ESTgames Server       Funny                       War Bundle
3/any ESTgames Server       Pretty                  CABAL Starter Pack
3/any ESTgames Server       Creative     Yekaterina VIP Membership Bundle

[CABAL Starter Pack]
Return Core (30 Days)
Inexhaustible HP Potion(Lv. 3) 30 Days
Inexhaustible MP Potion (Lv. 3) 30 Days
Protection of Veradrix x 5
Frontier Stone (30 Days)

[Party Play Bundle]
Summon of Heroes x 10
Superior Odd Circles x 10
Holy Water of Vitality x 5
Fury Potion x 5
Protection of Veradrix x 15

[War Bundle]
Holy Water of Resistance x 2
Holy Water of Flawless Defense x 10
Holy Water of Speed x 5
Holy Water of Critical Strike x 2
Superior Odd Circles x 10

[Yekaterina VIP Membership Bundle]
Yekaterina VIP Membership (30 Days)
10 Agent Shop Coupons

Winners picked from Titan:
No. of Winners              Category                        Prize
      4/Mercury        Best Costumes Overall           Pet Bundle
      4/Mars             Best Costumes Overall           Pet Bundle
      4/Jupiter          Best Costumes Overall           Pet Bundle
      4/Red Moon     Best Costumes Overall           Pet Bundle

[Pet Bundle]
Pet Name Card
Pet Untrain Kit
Blessing Bead - Pet EXP 100%

[Winner Selection Process]
Our staff will vote to select the winners, so be sure to impress us!

[Participation Prizes]
• Blessing Bead Plus - 10 Days

[Entry Rules]
• Costumes MUST be CABAL-related
• No in-game screenshots will be accepted
• Everyone who plays CABAL at ESTgames (EU/NA/BR) is eligible to participate
• Must publish your image to our global Facebook Halloween event page
• Any image submitted to ESTgames for this event becomes the property of ESTsoft Inc., and may be used in the future for promotional purposes
• Event ends at 23:59 hrs (Pacific Time Zone) November 3rd
• Be sure to include your character/server/service. 
o For example:
* [GM] Bear/Jupiter/EU
* [GM] Ballade/Venus/BR
* [GM] Beatrix/Calisto/NA
* [GM] Lorkan/Titan/NA
• No nudity (posts that do not follow this simple rule will be automatically disqualified and will not receive participation prizes)
• Use your best judgment as to what is appropriate 
• ESTgames reserves the right to reject any entry for any reason

[Where to Submit Your Entry]
• Facebook event page

Have a spooky time!

CABAL Support Staff